USACE Regional Economic Impact Calculator

USACE's online Regional Economic System (RECONS)

This system is designed to provide estimates of the regional, state, and national contributions of federal spending associated with Civil Works and American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) projects. The Federal Spending Modules allow the user to specify the project location and work activity to estimate the economic output, jobs, income, and value added associated with USACE Federal spending at three levels of geography simultaneously, defined as local, state, and national impact areas. RECONS is designed to provide accurate and defensible estimates of regional economic impacts and contributions associated with federal spending on USACE. For example, construction of a levee for a flood risk management (FRM) project or maintenance dredging for a navigation channel require spending on local goods and services (e.g., construction materials and labor). Maintenance dredging activities. These work activities and associated spending on USACE projects contribute to the economic output, jobs, earnings, and value added in the region.